The legendary children's series celebrates its historic 50th anniversarywith a commemorative prime-time special airing on HBO November 9, and on PBS November Season 50 began airing on HBO on November A new series of web videos " Sesame Street Memories " features celebrities remembering their favorite memories from the past fifty years. Spinney would continue to perform his iconic roles in thousands of episodesmultiple television specialsfeature films, and guest appearances spanning across five decades.

Spinney retired from the show on October 17,recording his final vocal performances the following day to be aired during Season Muppet Wiki, and the rest of the Muppet fan community, celebrate his life and work.

Check out some of the cameos he made along with his wife Debrahis many artworksand some of the lesser-known characters he performed. I Want My Muppets Now! The highly-anticipated prequel series to Jim Henson's original fantasy film uses an all puppet cast and features the voices of Helena Bonham CarterHarvey FiersteinMark Hamill and others.

Muppet Babies Return : Disney Junior 's successful Muppet Babies series returns for its second season, and has recently been renewed for a third. In the weeks leading up to season two, which premiered August 9, the network's YouTube channel released weekly editions of a new short-form series, Muppet Babies Play Date. The series featured Baby Kermit and the gang as puppets interacting with live children.

Sesame Street Movie News : Following several years of development, a new theatrically-released as-yet-untitled Sesame Street movie is in production at Warner Bros. Jim Henson began working with puppets as a college student, creating the show Sam and Friends in for a local Washington, D. The energetic Muppets soon became a popular fixture, and led to appearances on national variety shows.

Henson's commercials for a local coffee company, Wilkins Coffee, were so popular that he was hired to create similar commercials around the country. InHenson was invited to participate in a ground-breaking educational show for television, Sesame Street.

Initially, the Muppets were meant to be just one element among many on the show -- but the popularity of Big BirdOscar the GrouchCookie MonsterGroverErnie and Bert soon made the Muppets the core of the show. Over the years, the Muppet cast has grown to include Mr. InHenson created his signature project -- The Muppet Showa weekly prime-time variety show filled with songs, sketches and talented guest stars. Kermit the Frog is the charming and mostly unflappable host, presiding over a motley crew of performers, including diva Miss Piggyhopeful comedian Fozzie Beardaredevil performance artist Gonzoyoung eager gofer Scooterand the house band, Dr.

Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. The Muppet Show was a huge international success, making unlikely stars out of the Swedish ChefDr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant BeakerSam the Eagleand the two old cranks in the balcony, Statler and Waldorf. In the s, Henson created new worlds -- the magical underground civilization of Fraggle Rockthe imagination-filled nursery of Muppet Babiesand the fantasy worlds of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Henson's work has continued to live on beyond his death inand new productions featuring his creations are always in progress.

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Start a Wiki. Right now, we currently have 36, pages total and you can help us! This wiki's format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to make a comprehensive database for fans of the Muppets.Charliea new human character, moves into the neighborhood. Independence Day on Sesame Street. The season premiere was preceded by a primetime special celebrating the show's 50th anniversary a week earlier. The season's main curricular focus is "the power of possibilities, empowering kids to take safe risks and learn from their mistakes.

The season also includes new letter and number of the day intro songs. The season also introduces a new human child character, Charlieas portrayed by Violet Tinnirello. This will be the last season to air on HBO. For Season 51, the series will move to HBO Maxwith first-run episodes premiering on a video streaming service for the first time, while continuing to air on PBS at a later date.

Filming of episodes began on October 15, Caroll Spinney 's final vocal performances as Big Bird and Oscar were recorded for this season. Several celebrities visited the set during production of season 50, some of whom will feature as guest stars. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Michael Che and the Two-Headed Monster. Misty Copeland with Elmo. Dave Grohl with Big Bird and Elmo. Maren Morris and Big Bird. Carroll Spinney in Season 50 3 messages.This is a complete listing of episodes from the animated television series Jim Henson's Muppet Babies. The babies struggle to keep Animal quiet so as not to awaken their neighbor, a police officer named Carruthers who works the night shift.

Note: This is the only episode to have different music for the title card. While playing hide and seek, Animal vanishes and the babies search the house for him. Note: The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom fantasy sequences includes the only instance of an adult character's face being seen. Panic ensues in the nursery when the babies overhear Nanny saying she needs to get rid of one of them.

Kermit struggles with deciding what he wants to be when he grows up. Note: Guest appearance by Tom Selleck. Kermit's little nephew, Robin, comes to visit and escapes his bowl.

Note: First appearance of Kermit's little nephew, Robin. After Nanny lends them a video camera, the babies try to make their own movies, ultimately deciding to make their own version of Star Wars. The babies try to sleep while imagining what the amusement park they'll be visiting the next day will be like. The babies conclude the creature that climbed into the nursery is an alien and try to return her to Neptune, but it turns out to be a baby koala.

After breaking a lamp, the babies try to make it up to Nanny, but create more messes in the process. When Rowlf loses his voice, the others take turns telling stories of searching for it. The babies amuse themselves by working their way through an activity book. While Gonzo secretly munches away at a box of cookies, the other babies tell stories to keep their minds off their growling stomachs. When the TV breaks, the babies make their own programs.

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Note: Guest appearance by Johnny Carson. The babies tell Rowlf the positive things about zoos, worrying Gonzo about being thrown in the zoo, when he realizes that there is no way of telling what kind of animal he is. The babies make their own cartoon shows.

The Alligator King

Among the antics, Piggy draws up a parody of PinocchioGonzo fights with his own creation, and Scooter makes computer animation, but ends up falling victim to Animal's messier animation. Note: Gonzo turns into a flat clay figure, similar to that of Gumby. When Skeeter sprains her ankle on one of Piggy's roller skates and nobody can go to the art museum because of Gonzo, the babies create their own art museum in the nursery for her.

Meanwhile, Piggy deals with her guilty conscience, as she had blamed Skeeter's injury on Gonzo. The babies imagine their fondest wishes coming true.

Piggy takes the blame and punishment for Skeeter's mess, leaving her to imagine herself as Cinderella. Frank Welker takes over the role of Skeeter.

Nanny instructs the babies to create a set of rules for the nursery which leads them to experiment with various forms of government. To convince Nanny not to go on vacation, the babies build the world's biggest attractions in the nursery. Polly the talkative parrot that Nanny leaves in the nursery causes fights to erupt between the babies.

The babies are invited to Bunsen's birthday party at a theme park, and while waiting for the actual event, they pretend to build a theme park with each baby creating their own land Fozzie's based on comedy, Gonzo's involving weird things, etc. The babies play mine tunnel, and then explore the ocean with the help of a fish tank. Gonzo imagines himself as a deep sea explorer, and they convince Fozzie there isn't anything to be afraid of. After Skeeter's Lewis and Clark game goes wrong, Bunsen and Beaker come over for a sleepover and teach the babies about outer space.

The babies then have fantasies about being in space, once again. When Fozzie drops his skate key down the vent, the babies travel to the center of earth to find it. Note: Last episode to be animated with Japanese-based Toei Animation.The eighth season of the television sitcom Last Man Standing premiered on January 2, on Fox with two back-to-back episodes.

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See also: List of Last Man Standing episodes. Retrieved TV by the Numbers.

Muppet Babies (season 8)

Retrieved January 7, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved January 17, Retrieved January 27, Retrieved January 31, Showbuzz Daily. Retrieved February 7, Retrieved February 14, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved February 28, Retrieved March 6, Retrieved March 13, Retrieved March 20, Retrieved March 17, Retrieved April 3, Muppets of Sesame Street. Guest Stars. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Episode -- Bob dresses the kids for the rain. Episode -- Big Bird and David switch beds.

Episode -- Maria and the kids put together a letter B. Episode -- Everybody tries to cool off. Episode -- Big Bird explains to Mr. Hooper what happened to a bucket of water. Episode Episode -- Gordon tries to guess what Susan has bought. Episode -- Cookie Monster needs a chisel and hammer to cut a concrete cookie. Episode -- A macaw bird asks Big Bird to sit on his egg. Episode -- Mr. Snuffleupagus has a drink before bedtime.

Episode -- Luis describes the sounds of tools in the Fix-It Shop. Episode -- Big Bird tries to surprise Maria and Susan.

season 8 muppet wiki

Episode -- Oscar learns some Grouch phrases in Spanish. Episode -- Susan feels depressed about her patients. Episode -- Big Bird learns about how trees grow. Hooper counts Herry Monster's sneezes. Episode -- Oscar, Big Bird and Snuffy deal with the winter weather. Episode -- David listens to Big Bird read his plans.

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Hooper greets his customer in Spanish. Episode -- Olivia resents Gordon looking after her Episode -- Big Bird tries to figure out why Luis left a sign reading "Open". Episode -- Gordon misses three buses because he took time to help his friends. Episode -- Count von Count falls in love with a Countess who loves to count. Episode Episode -- The Count counts all the suggestions he gives to Maria about resting. Episode -- Susan builds a campfire.

Episode Episode Episode -- David and Herry Monster try to figure out how to get a package to Herry's cousin.

SML Movies Season 8

Hooper and the kids clean up Sesame Street. Episode Episode Episode -- Maria repairs a tricycle. Episode -- Luis and Maria have different opinions about a picture. Episode Episode Episode -- Oscar shows a home movie. Episode -- David's grandmother, Harriet, visits Sesame Street.TV Schedule.

Sign In. Muppet Babies — S8, Ep1. Error: please try again. Uncle Statler and Waldorf bring over a train set similar to the trains used in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, so the babies join them in recreating said railroad right in their own home.

season 8 muppet wiki

S8, Ep2. The kids help a messenger pigeon deliver messages around the world. S8, Ep3. The babies overhear the news mention a ski-mask burglar called "Mad Dog Marvin" has escaped from jail and they think he's heading their way; as Nanny tries to get the house locked up before a storm hits. S8, Ep4. Honeydew's special TV remote transports the kids into a TV show about country life they were watching.

S8, Ep5. Piggy's Alice in Wonderland book is due back at the library but she can't find it; Gonzo thinks goblins took it and the muppets try to make a new one before Nanny comes for it. S8, Ep6. The kids prepare a surprise birthday party for Statler and Waldorf but can't agree on what the surprise should be.

S8, Ep7. Statler and Waldorf's box of hats proves to be a great source of fun for the kids as they imagine situations in which they would wear them. S8, Ep8. The Babies create their own theme park, after seeing an ad on TV for a theme park, expected to open nearly 5 years in the future.

See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Howie Mandel's Watchlist.While your mileage may vary, when I took a deep dive into what was included in season 8 of Sesame Streetthese are the top 8 things that jumped out at me as important, funny, cute, cool, or just plain interesting to me. We here at ToughPigs love Muppets. But Muppets alone do not make up Sesame Street. There are the humans, of course. And there are songs and videos depicting real world events like making crayons or saxophones.

And there are animations. Over the years, these colorful segments have added a lot to the format of Sesame Streetand have all had their own lasting importance. But few can argue that there are more recognizable animated segments on Sesame Street that have had the lasting power of The Pinball Number Count.

Making its debut in season 8, The Pinball Number Count is a series of animated segments that follows a pinball as it goes through an extravagant pinball machine, while the Pointer Sisters sing a counting song.

The lyrics count up to the number twelve, with each segment focusing on a different number. Check out that beautiful animation, which really stands the test of time! She is a talented photographer, a phenomenal singer, and can stand up to Oscar or anyone else who tries to mess with her with the best of them. I loved that song so much that my parents studied our VHS tape, pausing and rewinding as needed, and wrote down all of the lyrics so they could sing it to me every night.

And the more I learn about her place in Sesame history, the more I love her. While Buffy Sainte-Marie made her debut as the character Buffy in Season 7, Season 8 saw two very important moments for her character. The first was the birth of her son Dakota, or Cody as everyone called him. In a touching episode, Big Bird gets jealous when everyone pays more attention to the new baby than his own drawings done by the amazing Caroll Spinneyand Buffy comforts him with her signature song, Different People, Different Ways.

The second defining moment, and one Anthony alluded to last weekwas the depiction of Buffy breastfeeding Cody on the show. In this one-minute segment, Buffy shows the world that breastfeeding is natural and wonderful, and the idea was so important that Sesame Street even updated it later after Maria had Gabriella.

Mothers even started a petition in to bring back the segment and spread the word more about how important and natural breastfeeding is. It was a significant step forward in my next topic. Olivia was introduced and was shown to be a strong, independent woman; Buffy took on a larger role, and contributed some very empowering moments; and Susan, Linda, and Maria were featured more as a part of this effort.

While you can definitely argue that the puppeteers could do with more female representation both now and then Fran Brill spent this season uncreditedthis season did take some big strides. Speaking for myself, the saga of Linda and Bob is one that I always wish had been more defined and fleshed out to a satisfying conclusion.

There is so much unrequited tension, it drives me bonkers that they never ended up together. Big Bird has some big moments this season as well. He learns to cope with new baby Cody, draws some amazing pictures, writes a lullaby, feuds with Poco Loco, and switches beds with David. Look at that! This is also the season where Sesame Street reached a true milestone — Episode 1,! In a season that features Mr.

Hooper selling his store Does the transaction go through?? How does he get it back?? I need to see this episode! So how did they celebrate? By having that utterly classic episode we all know and love — Bob finds a puppy. And then gets a little sad when he finds its owners.